Work Experience

I am a person with more 4+ year experience in different areas like Project Management , IT Management ,Programming ,Teaching etc. I strive to incorporate a futuristic insight in whatever stuff I do.



Currently pursuing M Phil Computer Science from Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management-Kerala (IIITM-K)

Skills and Interests

My area of interests and skill sets are

Personal Skills

Great organizational, Mathematical and problem solving skills

Area of Interest

Social  Network Analysis ,  Knowledge  Management , Data analytics and Forecasting

Key Skills

Willingness to learn & update myself with new methodologies & technologies.

Technical Skills

I have excellent Data Analysis skills and was successfully involved in Data Mining and Data Visualization Projects

Programming Skills

Extensive programming experience in Python ,ASP.NET , C and C++ and Java

Simulation packages


Tools Familiar with

Social network analysis tools like Pajek , R , Gephi , Visual Studio 2003+ XML

Concepts Familiar with

Social network Analysis ,Graph Theory ,Data Analytic ,Business Intelligence ,Innovation Management ,Big Data

Managerial Skills

Knowledge Management , Operation Management ,Technology Management and forecasting


Expertise in scientific document preparation in TEX, LATEX, AMSTEX type setting systems.

Project Portfolio

Professional , Academic and Research Projects

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